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Portraits on location from live poses done in charcoal or full color pastel drawings, from 20 minutes long per pose to 1 (one) hour maximum, with intermittent breaks, depending on length of pose. In most public settings, he will keep it at 20-30 minutes, giving more opportunity for others to pose for their portrait. Longer poses or more formal portraits are done by appointment.

Formal portraits may require many poses from live sittings, photographs, or a combination of both. It may take anywhere from 20 to 50 or more photographs depending on outfit choices and backdrop choices. Most formal portraits are photographed at the home of the client where they can pose in their favorite surroundings.


Do you like representational realism? Such as landscapes, still-life compositions, portraits, people art or even pets, cars, as well as your home. Imagine That! You can own art that represents real life. Mr. Ratcliff is a master at capturing realism, and then transferring that realism into a world class work of art. Classical realism, it never goes out of style. It is a mind-altering beauty that will pull on your heart strings for generations to come. It is a keepsake that is to be cherished forever. 


The value of a work of art is established by the clients' willingness to pay the price. But, that's just the beginning. It is also important if the artist is actively working as an artist, and is being collected by many other people. This is particularly true if the art is original and signed by the artist.

The community that the artist lives in is generally responsible for helping to launch the artist's career and value by collecting the original works. Having gallery representation by prominent galleries, is the most significant way to see the value of an artist escalate. I once heard of an artist who traded an oil painting for a $250,000 house. Now, I am not saying that this will happen with Mr. Ratcliff's art, but, anything is possible. What do you think?

Mr. Ratcliff does have two family paintings: Generations of Love, and Celebration Reunion, each with an appraised value of $100,000.


"When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Arrive." (enter - Danny L. Ratcliff) Mr. Ratcliff studied at Eastern Michigan University; Washtinaw Community College with John Lockhart; Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio; San Diego City College and San Diego Evening College in California; Alexander School of Painting in San Diego, California; Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) in Cleveland, Ohio; Kent State University in Kent, Ohio; Akron University in Akron, Ohio; and Portrait Painting with Bill Kufall in Westlake, Ohio; Jose' Citron at CIA in Cleveland, Ohio; and John Lockhart in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In many courses, Mr. Ratcliff also worked as an assistant, a substitute, and guest instructor. 

"Tia"     30" x 40"

Oil on Canvas

These studies and teaching formats over the years include:
Foundation Drawing and Design, Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing, Illustration, and Painting with watercolor, oil, acrylic, and pastel. Although well versed in many mediums and styles, his mediums of choice are oils, pastels, and charcoal. If you are looking for private lessons for you or your loved ones, act quickly, for Mr. Ratcliff may soon become over qualified as a private instructor due to increased demand. Furthermore, business plans are already in progress for a Fine Art/ Computer Design School in the near future.


Mr. Ratcliff will draw portraits at your fundraiser. Invite him to help you raise money. It will be fun and entertaining.  You can watch him draw amazing charcoal portraits before your very eyes.


Mr. Ratcliff participates in all sorts of social events for both children and adults. Just ask.  One of the most notable events that took place is when he created a painting by painting a section of the crowd, while being filmed on camera, so that the audience can watch his progress.  What made it even more interesting was that he used a handheld mirror to see and create the artwork from over his shoulder.  The crowd loved it.  This took place at The University of Akron for a town hall event.  After this, he was invited to do the same thing in Washington, D.C. for the mayor  of D.C. 


​Mr. Ratcliff served in the United States Navy as a parachute rigger, where he packed parachutes and safety survival equipment for F-14 Fighter planes and helicopters. He also learned how to sew every type of tailor's stitch imaginable (which is also art in itself).

"Self Portrait"     18" x 24"

Oil on Canvas


​​Mr. Ratcliff was featured by Channel 3 News {via Cleveland, OH} on 4 (four) different occasions. Two interviews took place in the network's studio, live on T.V.  One interview took place in his home basement studio, filming him painting a formal oil portrait.  The most recent interview watched him and his two sons on a construction site, working on a retainer wall and concrete driveway.  On the same day, he filmed him at a one-man gallery exhibit at The University of Akron, featuring 25 works of art.  Mr. Ratcliff was later invited by Judge Elinor Stormer to showcase his art at the Summit County Courthouse in downtown Akron.  Mr. Ratcliff is truly elite, standing ovation, talent and skill rarely seen in today's market. He wins " Best of Show" almost every time he displays his works. Wouldn't you love to own the artwork of a newsworthy award winning artist, like Danny L. Ratcliff?


​Mr. Ratcliff and his wife of over 37 years have raised 3 boys and 1 girl, 2 (two) of whom were adopted. Mr. Ratcliff grew up the youngest of 5 children. He is a part of a large family of Radcliff's with long marriages, and every other year family member's reunions, with members from all over the United States.

Mr. Ratcliff has a series of 6 (six) oil paintings from the many gatherings that are held every other year. These are his most popular creations.


​Danny L. Ratcliff loves the Lord. He accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior at The House 

of the Lord non-denominational church in Akron, Ohio. He attended as an active member for over 17 years, participating in the choir and many other ministries. He created the mural titled "Christ is Risen" in the original sanctuary of the church. He also created an oil painting titled "Christ and Children" for First Congregational Church in Akron, Ohio.


The price list given is for portraits only. First, a description of each portrait method used by Mr. Ratcliff is provided. And then, the price list, which is based on the amount of time that is involved, the size of the portrait, and the medium, such as oil on canvas, pastel painting and drawing, or charcoal drawing, follows.

"Generations of Love"     44" x 60" Oil on Canvas

{May Show award - Cleveland Museum of Art}

"Christ and Children" 48" x 72"    

Oil on Canvas

{Commissioned painting at First Congregational Church}


​​A)  20 minute live pose - Profile only. Created using charcoal pencil and charcoal sticks. This process is executed very rapidly free hand, capturing every detail with stunning accuracy. In a matter of a few short minutes, you will see the most eye-popping masterful work of art you could imagine. But, it gets better.................................

B)  45 minutes to 1 (one) hour pose - For a charcoal head and shoulders portrait, 45-60 minutes is the maximum amount of time needed. The more time spent on the same pose, the more refined and beautiful the drawing becomes. This amount of time will also allow him to capture any other head position, such as full face or 3/4 view, and bring to a completion. Also, 20 minute and 45-60 minute portraits in pastel full color are available. However, a pastel portrait executed in this amount of time is more like a demonstration, because you can put 2-3 additional hours in a full color pastel portrait head and shoulders. Once you start layering colors, a pastel becomes more like a painting than a drawing.

C) 8" x 10" thumbnail oil sketch - 1 (one) hour pose, or uses photographs. An artist may do several small oil sketches in preparation for larger formal paintings as color studies. He can capture an entire scene very quickly. These small thumbnail sketch paintings are often cherished as small wall hangings. This sketch painting may have an accurate depiction of you and your surroundings. It may be strong in color and design, but not much detail.

D) 2 1/2 (two and a half) hour demonstration oil painting or pastel painting - Demonstrations are generally executed for students, or captive audiences at special events. This painting is colorful and expressive with concentrated detail in the face without the high resolution of a completed formal painting.

E) Formal Painting - A completed formal painting is when the artist declares himself finished. This is when the best of everything he knows is on display. This is the ultimate goal for both artist and client. Mr Ratcliff brings all of his personal creations to a formal completion with his uncanny ability to capture true masterful realism and uncommon beauty in everything he does. Are you ready to own masterful art? Are you looking for a teacher with masterful techniques? Are you looking for a business or school to sponsor? We can use your help!

This list was created for you to have entry level opportunities to own original art created by Danny L. Ratcliff, from 20 minute drawings to formal oil paintings.

​                       PRICE LIST FOR PORTRAITS ONLY

​​1)    20 minute Charcoal on Paper - Profile Pose                                                   $45

       20 minute Pastel on Paper - Profile Pose                                                         $60

2)   Fundraisers and Special Events 

       20 to 30 minute  Profile Charcoal Portrait -                                    Children $25 

                                                                                                                               Adults $50

       20 to 30 minute Profile Pastel Portrait -                                          Children $50

                                                                                                                             Adults $100

3)   45-60 minute Charcoal on Paper - Head Portrait Pose                                $200

       45-60 minute Pastel on Paper - Head Portrait Pose                                    $500

4)   8" x 10" Thumbnail Oil Sketch on Canvas                                                       $200

       1 (one) hour Pose or Photograph

5)   8" x 10" Formal Completed Oil Painting on Canvas                                  $1,000

6)   2 1/2 hour Demonstration                                                                               $1,000

       18" x 24" Pastel on Paper or 18" x 24" Oil Painting on Canvas

7)   16" x 20" --20" x 24" Formal Completed Oil Painting on Canvas            $8,000

8)   18" x 24" Formal Completed Pastel Painting on Rag Paper                    $5,000

9)   24" x 30" -- 30" x 40" {1/2 of figure plus hands}                                        $25,000

       Oil Painting on Canvas  (sitting pose)

10)  24" x 30" -- 30" x 40" {1/2 of figure plus hands}                                       $20,000

        Pastel Painting on Rag Paper

11)  40" x 60" (small children) or 48" x 72" or 60" x 84" Formal Completed Oil Painting on Canvas {full figure}  - 100% life sized images                            $45,000

12)  40" x 60" (Maximum Size for) Formal Completed Pastel Painting      $35,000

       on Rag Paper {full figure}

       **Of Small Children and/or Pets or 

      **Of Adults {1/2 --3/4}

***prices are subject to change

"The Andrews"     26" x 36"

Charcoal on Paper


​​This could be your favorite reason to hire Mr. Ratcliff., and that would be as an educator.  He has zeroed in on the most powerful and effective methods for creating masterful works of art, that will never fail you.  He leaves nothing to the imagination.  Everything he uses to create his amazing works of art he will share with his students.  You will learn every secret he has in the classes that he offers.  Including the most profound secret of all.  A process that brings you to your superpower.  Only he can tell you that.  The average class session is three (3) hours long, at $30.00 an hour, once a week per course.  The minimum student age is 13 years old, and older.   They must show a mature interest and promise by their artwork.  Bring samples of your artwork.


The time for Mr. Ratcliff has come. He offers a rare and masterful talent and skill as an artist and educator. He is an artist who chooses to work in his own community. Let's show our appreciation, and we can keep him busy and prospering right here at home in Northeast Ohio, as we grow along with him.

"Lebron, Cavalier MVP"     24" x 30"

Oil on Canvas

Danny L. Ratcliff

Fine Artist

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